I’m Jumoke!

I’m Jumoke!

I believe branding is,

"what people say about your company ​when you're not in the room"

What's going to stir a positive ​narrative about your brand?

Your Logo, Online Presence, Brand ​Images, Customer Experience, Value ​Proposition....

About Me

I am an award-winning brand marketing strategist with over 4 years experience in ​social media marketing, content marketing, email/ SEO marketing, creative ​design, product/ lifestyle photography and influencer management. I create ​result-yielding product launch campaigns and transforms companies’ digital ​presence which increases sales and awareness. Highly skilled at establishing and ​maintaining relationships with clients and customers virtually/ physically.


Social Media Lead, Creative Designer, Content Developer and E-commerce Sales Strategist @ Zaron Cosmetics, Nigeria


Social Media Manager @Dr.yinkaskin &

@Minika Art 2022

Content Marketing Assistant @

University of Bradford Student Union


Research Assistant @University of Bradford Marketing Department 2023


MSC Digital and Strategic Marketing - University of Bradford, United Kingdom

PGD Business Administration - National Open University, Nigeria

BSC Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Certifications & Awards

I'm highly skilled at using the following applications;

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Video Editing


Social Media

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I offer the following

Software, social media concept

Social Media Marketing

I've managed several social media accounts/ campaigns and achieved;






Increase in online sales & retention

Increase in Instagram followership & engagement

Increase in Tiktok followership & engagement



Increase in Twitter and Youtube followership & engagement

Return on Influencer Marketing Investment interms of awareness, 50% in sales

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How did I achieve this?

• In-depth Data Analysis - Monitoring relevant metrics

• Strategic Content Marketing - Collaborated with customers/ influencers and maximized trends

• Excellent Customer Service - This evoked "Word of Mouth" reviews

Social Media Management

The world is currently driven by aesthetics, hence, the need for an appealing social media profile. A strategy I've used over the years that yielded mind-blowing results on Instagram is page takeover. This captures and locks in attention of potential customers as well as results in top of mind awareness! This works for product launches and campaigns.

Another social media strategy is building a color palette. This is crucial for creating brand recognition, consistency, and differentiation. It helps users associate them with your brand, while evoking emotions and creating a cohesive and memorable visual identity in the crowded social media landscape. Could be a combination of colours that compliment each other or different shades of a particular colour. I've managed the following brands' social media platforms (Click on the logos to see more);

Gradient that fades to transparency

Digital Branding

I create outstanding and timeless branding that projects brands' unique identities.

Complimentary cards

E-menus/ Price lists

Patronage appreciation cards

Carrier bags/ Tote bags

Price guides




Basically, merchandizes owned by your brand.

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SEO Word
SEO Word

SEO/ Keyword optimization/Personal Website Building

When it comes to building your personal profile website, I believe in the power of SEO and keyword optimization. As I create your website, I make sure to strategically incorporate relevant keywords throughout the content, meta tags and headings. By doing so, I increase the visibility of your website in search engine results, attracting organic traffic and reaching your target audience effectively. Moreover, I prioritize user experience, mobile responsiveness, and website structure to create an optimized and user-friendly site. With my services, you can establish a strong online presence, uniquely project your skills, and stand out in the digital landscape. This applies to individual brands and corporate brands.

An example of a personal website is this one. I created this portfolio 1-page website with a personalised domain name and embedded links.


I specialize in crafting visually unique and timeless logos that serve as the cornerstone of your brand's identity as well as impactful promotional fliers.

By blending creativity, market research, and the unique vision, I can confidently claim that the promotional fliers I create leave a lasting impression and resonate with your target audience.

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Contact me!

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I'm the brand marketing strategist you want ​on your team, my passion and enthusiasm ​reflects in my work, hence, it's always quality ​or NOTHING!